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ปลาทะเล Royal Damselfish

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จำหน่าย ปลาทะเล Royal Damselfish

In the wild, Royal Blue Damselfish may be found in small groups within sheltered lagoons and inshore reefs, usually amongst Acropora spp. corals, feeding mainly on zooplankton in the water column. Although these pretty fish are considered much less aggressive than many of the damselfish species, their assertiveness often increases with age and maturity. It is therefore advisable to keep either a single specimen, a known male-female pair, or a large sized odd-numbered shoal (9+) introduced simultaneously as juveniles into a spacious tank with plenty of hiding places amongst the rockwork. Smaller groups are often known to suffer fatalities. Choose tankmates with care, avoiding any really docile species such as firefish and cardinalfish. The Royal Blue Damselfish is capable of dramatic colour change from blue to completely black when stressed – this is thought to help the fish avoid predation. May also be seen on sale as the Blue Sapphire Damselfish or Springer’s Demoiselle.


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